BORA Adjustable Speedhorse XT Saw Horse

BORA PM-4550 Adjustable Speedhorse XT

BORA PM-4550 Adjustable Speedhorse XT
BORA Adjustable Speedhorse XT Saw Horse

The PM-4550 Speedhorse XT gives you all the benefits and features of our signature PM-4500 Speedhorse with the added ability to extend the legs up to 6 inches, providing a taller work top.

The features of this saw horse includes:

  • Legs are independently adjustable in 1" increments. Adjust the height of your Speedhorse XT anywhere from 30" to 36".
  • Compensate for uneven terrain on the jobsite by extending each leg to the height you need.
  • Get instant setup with the pull of a lever and the easy teardown you love with the Speedhorse! Just readjust the legs back to 30" to fold back into the sawhorse.
  • Each individual unit can support 1500 lbs. - 200 lbs. more than the leading competitors.
  • Non-sequential leg folding, pre-drilled top, and end slots for 2x material are all here, ready to help you work!

Adjustable Height Saw Horse

The PM-4550's legs can each be adjusted in 1 inch increments, to increase the height anywhere from 30 inches to 36 inches. This saw horse weights 22 lbs. but can support up to 1500 lbs.

Buy the PM-4550 Adjustable Speedhorse XT on the BORA website.

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