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Miter Saws For Picture Frames

Hand-powered and powered miter saws ideal for picture frame cuts. The mitered corners for picture framing require smooth, precise and accurate cuts. To ensure you are getting the cleanest mitered cuts for your picture frames, make sure you are using a clean, sharp blade that has at least 40 teeth or more. More teeth take smaller bites, and that translates to smoother, cleaner cuts, and the cleaner the cut, the easier it is to join the corners of the picture frames. Also make sure to have a miter box or angle tool that can be set exactly to ensure precise cuts.

Looking for the Best Miter Saw for Picture Framing?

Some of the best hand-powered miter saws for picture framing are listed below. For high volume picture framing, it is most efficient to use a powered miter or chop saw. Better Homes & Gardens named the Bosch GCM12SD as the best powered miter saw for picture framing.

Adjustable Picture Frame Hand Miter Saw

Picture Frame Miter Saw

This hand powered miter saw is simple to use - you set the angle that you want to cut, clamp your workpiece to the fence, and make smooth, precise cuts. The adjustment range is a full 180 degrees. The 22" long blade is held in a rigid, adjustable guide that keeps you locked into your angle as you cut. This miter saw is extraordinarily accurate and will make smooth and precise cuts, perfect for picture

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Zona Fine Kerf Picture Frame Miter Saw

Zona Fine Kerf Miter Saw for Picture Frames

The Zona Fine Kerf Miter Saw is ideal for the small miter cuts for picture frames. This hand-powered miter saw includes a aluminum miter box perfect for precise cuts at 45°, 60° & 90° angles. The miter box slot has a .014 inch width, a 7/8 inch cutting depth and a 2 inch cutting width. The miter box is 6-1/2 inches long.

Affordable Hand-Powered Miter Saw

Zona Saws are surprisingly

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Mini Combo Miter Saw Set

Mini Combo Miter Saw Set

The Mini Combo Miter Saw set is designed for creating small picture frames and detailed crafts. The fine kerf saw blade has 42 teeth per inch and can cut material up to 2 inches wide and 15/16" thick. The miter box has preset slots for 30°, 45° and 90° angles common for picture framing.

Mini Combo Miter Saw details:

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