StableMate Plus 100 Miter Saw Stand

StableMate Universal Miter Saw Stand

StableMate Universal Miter Saw Stand
StableMate Plus 100 Miter Saw Stand

Are you looking for a truly portable miter saw stand that is made in the USA? The StableMate PLUS100 Universal Miter Saw Stand weighs under 40 lbs., making this unit one of the lighter miter saw stands on the market. It also includes a carry handle and folding legs for easy transport and storage. This portable miter saw stand part number is PLUS100.

  • Patented Universal Tool Mounting Clamps (SM-200), provide Rock Solid Support for Most Miter Saws.
  • Self-Locking, Folding Legs for Compact and Easy Mobility
  • Flip-Up Work Stop for Consistent Repetitive Cuts
  • Carrying Handle
  • Non-Skid Rubber Feet Protect Flooring and Provide Solid Footing
  • Made in the USA!!
  • Material: Galvanized Steel Left and Right extension Arms Provide 46" to 114" of over-all Work Support

The Steady & Secure StableMate Miter Saw Stand

Offering steady and secure support for all miter saws, the StableMate PLUS100 Miter Saw Stand is fully portable and features a wide A-frame stance for incomparable stability. The StableMate miter saw stand is made in the U.S.A. of high-quality galvanized steel.

StableMate Miter Saw Stand Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for the StableMate are available on the Fulton Corporation website. The Fulton Corp. also make a heavy duty sawhorse.

THE Stable Miter Saw Stand

Review after review of this miter saw stand comments on how stable and sturdy this miter saw stand is, as well as how it is truly a universal miter saw stand that works with nearly any 10 inch or 12 inch miter saw.

The Fulton Corp. is no longer making the Stablemate saw stand, but the Stablemate can be found used on some other websites.

StableMate PLUS100 Universal Miter Saw Stand at Capital Books and Wellness


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