BORA All-Terrain Horse

BORA All-Terrain Horse

BORA All-Terrain Horse
BORA All-Terrain Horse

The BORA All-Terrain Sawhorse built for uneven ground. The PM-4520 All-Terrain Sawhorse with STABLZ technology is the only sawhorse that adjusts to irregular or rough terrain with just a simple tap, eliminating wobbles in seconds.

The key features of this sawhorse include:

  • Revolutionary STABLZ leg design stabilizes your sawhorse setup by pivoting the legs with a simple tap
  • Legs stow away inside the metal beam nonsequentially fold up in any order
  • Steel end caps hold 2x4s to create convenient workstation
  • 750-lb. weight capacity - 1500 lbs. per pair
  • Non-skid beam prevents material from slipping
  • Long, pre-drilled top allows you to screw in a 2x4 as a sacrificial top, saving your equipment from damage

Sawhorse for Unstable Ground

The BORA All-Terrain Sawhorse is one of the few sawhorses on the market built for uneven ground.

BORA also makes the BORA Speedhorse and the BORA Saw Horse - Two Pack.

Find out more and order on the BORA website.

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